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Last Updated: November 2, 2010

Our privacy policy is for Look At Review, Look At Your Websites and other Look At websites. The privacy policy does not cover and is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of websites to which this website links. We may change or update this policy from time to time, and we will notify you of any changes by changing the “last updated” notice above. Accordingly, you should frequently visit this web page. Any updated policy shall be effective immediately after it is posted.

Policy regarding Children – Normally only users 13 years old or older may use this Website. Children under 13 may only use the website with permission and supervision of parents, legal guardian or other authorized adults. Children may not register or provide any personally identifiable information without permission. If you are a parent or legal guardian who learns your children have provided us personally identifiable information without your knowledge and/or consent, contact us at info@lookatreview.com. Should we learn of unauthorized use by children under 13 years old, their information will be removed immediately from our databases.


The purpose of our business is to save website links and provide reviews of unique and interesting websites. To provide these services, we may save information you provide us or we gather while you are linking to our website. We recognize that your privacy is very important. Please read the information here to find out more about our privacy policy guidelines. Here we provide information on the types of personally identifiable information we receive and retain in our company's databases when you visit our websites and what we do to safeguard the saved information.

We collect and store personally identifiable information for these reasons:

  • to store and manage users' registered accounts if users decide to use the Look At My Websites functions,
  • to communicate with users when users cannot remember access ID or passwords,
  • To safeguard website names selected by users for their future use.

Stored Data

Our services record information that your browser sends whenever you visit a website. We use stored records to monitor the use of the Site and of our Service. This includes the time you visit the site, which page you access, where you link to other sites. We do not associate your personal access to this information so cannot link it back to your logon ID. We do not link your IP address with personally identifiable information for any purpose.


We do not use cookies and do not store information such as your personal preferences when you visit our site. However, advertising tools for links to or from this site may gather such information. See below on advertiser user of Cookies. We use a SESSION ID to pass information from page to page, but this is only active while your browser is open and is not permanently stored on your computer. We reserve the right to use Cookies in the future and will update the Privacy Policy if and when we do.

Information Collected

Users need to register to store websites they would like to go back to regularly. You are asked to provide a registration e-mail address. This email address is not currently used to contact you unless you request your password to be reset. You also provide a password and hint keyword which is used only for your access to your registered account. Although we do not currently use your email to contact you or to send updates, we reserve the right to provide such services in the future. Come back here regularly or look at the website pages for announcements of RSS or other notification services in the future. You will always have the option to opt in or out of these services.

Advertising Relationships

We use third party advertising links in our websites to support our business. The advertisers may use cookies. These web technologies send participating advertisers, such as Google, information such as your IP address, your ISP, and the browser you used to visit our site. This is generally used for region or location identification, such as displaying local business ads, such as local free or discount coupons for businesses in your area.

Service Providers

We use hosting and maintenance providers, database storage and management services. Your personally identifiable information may be stored on these services and may be used for the purpose of performing and provide services and features. All available security technology will be used with these services to maintain your privacy and the security of your data.

Use of your information

We use collected information for marketing efforts to analyze site usage; improve our content offerings, and improve services to users. We may use your information investigating problems, resolving disputes and enforcing agreements with us. We do not sell, rent, trade or exchange any personally identifiable information. We may use your collected information to execute marketing campaigns, promotions or advertising messages on behalf of third parties. We may disclose information we collect (including personal Information) when we believe it is required to comply with the law, such as in response to a subpoena or court order. We may provide you with advance notice at our discretion; however, nothing in this policy entitles you to such notice.

Links to other sites

We have no control over websites that we provide links to on our website. Links to these websites is not an endorsement, authorization or representation of our affiliation with those third parties. Other sites will have different rules regarding the use or disclosure of the personally identifiable information submitted to them. Be sure to consult the privacy policies of the websites you visit.

Contact Us

We welcome regular feedback on our Privacy Policy or the services provided to you. You may send us your comments at info@lookatreview.com.

Standard of Accuracy

Our standard at Look At Marketing is simple: to get things right the first time. This being a human endeavor, we sometimes fall short. When this happens in the Look At Review or Look At Your Websites, our policy is to correct factual errors, promptly and prominently. Users who spot factual errors are encouraged to contact us by e-mail at info@lookatreview.com. Users who wish to comment upon site errors, broken links, spelling (ops!), Login, Registration or other site related items, are invited to also send your comments by e-mail at info@lookatreview.com. Our standard of accuracy applies equally to our business operations. We mean to be receptive and responsive to users. If we do not respond to comments without actions required, it does not mean your comments are unnoticed. If action is required we will make every effort to contact you by the e-mail from which you send.

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