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About Us

The Look At websites are owned by Look at Marketing. We are here to present you with a view into the world of the web that will be unique or special. Given the millions of sites, companies, offering, products, services, blogs and ------ we could go on but you get the idea. We would like to give you a view into what is standard and the new stuff coming out daily, weekly but really just about every second. The way we operate is based on looking, looking and looking again. When we find things with a special or unique nature, we present them in the Look At Review pages and lists. When you ‘Look and Like’ something, we provide you the area in My Review Links so you can come back regularly. These locations would be places you would purchase from regularly or just another place to save stuff.

We are a business and make a profit. For some of the offerings you see here someone else pays us to present or show what we find. Many things here do not result in income to Look At Marketing, but enough do so we can make a living. We believe in giving a significant percentage of our income to fight Cancel. See the American Cancer Society and International Myaloma Foundation below.

Look At Review

This is the focal point of what we do. We present here the unique and special things you will find of interest. When you’ve found something you would like to come back to again and again, move it to the favorites area. You can move to your Most Favorite, My Categories or My Review Links.

Look At Your Websites

This is both a general area for places you access every day and a place to collect your Most Favorite things. You might even set this as your default or home page in your browser.

  • Most Favorite - This is the first thing you see and you likely will sign on to your email, go to your Twitter or whatever else is your most looked at locations.
  • My Categories - Once you have enough locations you can start putting them into your own categories.
  • Other Stuff - If you only see a some of the popular locations (Google, Twitter, IRS, etc) it is because you can put the other standard stuff we don’t show you in your Most Favorite or My Category areas. What you will see here is some new and unique things that everyone will be interested in at some point in their life.
  • My Review Sites - You can link sites that you may want to come back to for more looking or you know you will buy from this site or go there regularly. It is also another area to separate links if you want to use it that way.

We Contribute 20%

Look At Marketing gives 10% of all profits to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life and 10% to the International Myeloma Foundation. If you would like to learn more or get involved, see links below.

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