51 Days
until 2017 Personal, Partnership & Trust tax returns due
234 Days
until 2017 Personal Extended Returns Due

20 Days
until 2017 Corp tax returns due
204 Days
until 2017 Corp, Partnership & Trusts Extended Returns Due


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2014 Tax Extenders Bill Has Been Signed
On Friday December 19, 2014 the President signed the Tax Extender Bill. With the Extenders individual taxpayers would still be able to claim on their 2014 returns such items as:

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2014 Standard Mileage Rate - Business
The 2014 tax year standard mileage rate for business miles for driving a car, van or pickup truck is 56 cents per mile (51 cents in 2011 and 55.5 in 2012, 56.5 in 2013). The standard mileage rate can be used for vehicles for hire such as a taxicab.

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All state Filing Due dates have passed. Most states have a late filing fee, interest or both if amounts are do. Some states have filing penalty even if no amount due. Check your states instructions in the Penalty and Interest section for details. For access to state instructions and state website continue to state information.

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